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Snow.pngSnowy Websites

Make a Snowflake Online! ('snip' away parts of the paper with the virtual scissors; it's tricky - line up the screw (circle) on the scissors and click, then click to the next spot to 'cut' a line; repeat until you cut away a shape - the piece that you cut will drop off the folded flake; preview and/or use the "undo" or "redo" arrows if needed)

Build a Snowperson (ABCya) (drag and drop the parts of the snowperson onto the snowy scene)

100 Snowballs (ABCya) (What will you build with 100 snowballs?)

Snowflake Drag and Drop Game (Primary Games)

Re-build the Snowman - A Kids Heart

Build a Snowman

Snow Crystal Photo Gallery

Snowy Word Clouds (using Tagxedo) (Note: Tagxedo may not be working)

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Students used their senses to describe the bowl of snow that was brought into the classroom from outside. Next, each student recorded 3 snowy words from the brainstormed list. They typed those words to create snowy word clouds (using the website, Tagxedo).


Facts We've Gathered About Jan Brett - she is an author and illustrator

- she is married (her husband's name is Joe; he plays in the Boston Symphony)

- she lives in a big house in Norwell in the state of Massachusetts in the United States

- she works in her house (in a studio)

- she has written about 30 books

- she has won awards for her books

- it takes her about 1 year to write and illustrate a book

- she and her husband choose their favourite picture from a book once it's written and hang that picture in their home

- she has pet chickens (she raises them and eats their eggs); one of them was in one of her books

- she has at least one hedgehog as a pet; its name is Buffy

- she puts needlepoint in many of her book pages' borders

- the borders of the pages of her books give more details about the story

- she loved to draw when she was a child

- she loves to travel to get new ideas

Seasonal Changes
hibernating bear.png

How to draw a polar bear cub.jpeg
These instructions are loosely based on those given by Jan Brett on her video, How to Draw a Baby Polar Bear (see below for the link).

Click here for the link to Jan Brett's video, How to Draw a Baby Polar Bear.

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Seasonal Changes - Science Curriculum Gr. 1 (Manitoba Education)