Computer.pngUseful Links:

Robert Munsch's Website

-this is the official website of Robert Munsch and contains lots of info including: his biography, unpublished stories, photos, kids art, etc.; listen to Robert Munsch read all of his stories on this site

Author Robert Munsch - Scholastic (biography and more!)

Munsch Activities - Scholastic (3 interactive games, including "Find My Munsch" - direct link follows) Find My Munsch Match Game - Scholastic (match the character to the book; how well do you know Munsch books?)


-we will use this site to make a word search for one of the books we study

Word Cloud - ABCya

-we will be this to make word clouds related to a book or character

Cube Creator - ReadWriteThink

-cube creations as a way to share book facts

Other Possibilities: Mini Book, Guess Who ? (see the Ways to... Show You Know! page in this wiki)

Be sure to check out the Robert Munsch books available on TumbleBooks (from the Library page of our school website)!

Fire_Truck.pngUse these websites after reading, The Fire Station. You will need to decide on a fire safety rule and turn it into an information poster.

Fire Prevention Week (2 Learn) (click on "Student Interactives" for online activities)

Use this document after any of the books.

Use this document after the book, Too Much Stuff.

Use this document after the book, Roar.

Visit other Canadian authors' websites

November 13, 2013: Grade 2 students in Room 20 at Wayoata School started an author study featuring Robert Munsch. Our "think we knows" appear in red and will be switched to black if we find them to be true. Our wonders follow in green. Answers to the wonders and other facts that we discover will be written in black.

Light_Bulb.gifWhat We Think We Know About Robert Munsch

*He is funny.

*He writes books.

*He writes silly stories (some of his books are more serious, like Lighthouse: A Story of Remembrance).

*He writes chapter books.

*He draws pictures/illustrates his books.

*He sounds good when he reads. (We think he does - we've heard him read on TumbleBooks)

*He reads many of his stories on his website, on TumbleBooks and on videos.

*He has written lots of books. He has written more than 55 books and had them published in many countries and in many languages.

Light_Bulb.gifOur Wonders About Robert Munsch: (Think: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?...)

*When did he start writing books?

His first book was published in 1979. The title was Mud Puddle.

*Who encouraged him to write?

Nancy and Bruce Ryan convinced him that his stories would make great picture books.

*When did he receive the Order of Canada?

In 1999.

*Does he have children?

Yes, he has 3 kids. He is married.

He was born (on June 11, 1945) in the United States (in the city of Pittsburg) but he moved to Canada and now he lives in Guelph, Ontario. He is 68 years old.

His middle name is Norman.

He has 3 sisters and 5 brothers. His older brother kicked him in the mouth the day he got his braces off. He was 12 when that happened.

He used to work at a daycare. He loved telling stories to kids.

He is a storyteller.

He likes to talk to kids.

He almost failed grades 1 through 5.

Kids like to write to him. He likes getting mail from kids.




Previous Year's Work

- - - November - December 2012 - - -

November 13, 2012:

The grade 2 students in Room 20 at Wayoata School started an author study featuring Robert Munsch. Our wonders follow in red. Answers to our wonders and other facts that we discover about Robert Munsch will be written in black.

Light_Bulb.gifOur Wonders About Robert Munsch: (Think... What? Why? Where? Who? How? Can?...)

*Has he written lots of books? Yes. He has written more than 40 picture books.

*Does he illustrate his books?

*Do his books contain pictures that use the full space on the page? (and are they colourful)

*Are the pictures in his books funny?

*Did he start writing as a teen? He started telling stories as a teen and younger.

*Does he live in Ontario? Yes, he lives in Guleph, Ontario.

Light_Bulb.gifOther Facts We Discovered:
*He used to work at a daycare (that's where he met his wife, Anne)
*He and his wife have 3 kids - a boy and 2 girl named Andrew, Julie and Tyya
*He was 1 of 9 kids in his family (he was the 4th child).
*He used to live in the U.S.A.
*He loves to tell stories.
*He will tell a story for up to 8 years.
*The first story he had made into a book was Mud Puddle.
*His dad influenced him with his storytelling.
*He has won many awards for his books.
*Kids often write letters to him.
*He visits schools.
*He gets some of his ideas for stories from kids.
*He is known internationally (around the world).
*His first name is Robert and his last name is Munsch. He also is called Bob Munsch.
*He almost failed grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
*He was born on June 11, 1945.