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Todd Parr's Website

Crayon clip art.JPGWhat we noticed about Todd Parr's illustrations:

-they are colourful; he uses bright colours

-the colours are solid

-the pictures are outlined; the outline is thick and black

-there are shapes that make up his pictures (eg. circles, rectangles)

-the pictures don't have a lot of detail (eg. no shoelaces on shoes)

-not always true/life-like colours (eg. blue face on a person)

-faces of people: no nose, 2 dots for eyes

-he draws lots of things, not just people and faces


The Peace Book

We read Todd Parr's book, The Peace Book, and then brainstormed what peace meant to us (see below for our ideas). Students then worked in pairs and mimicked Todd's artwork to create an illustration to accompany their thought. The result was a beautiful book (copies are now in each of the Gr. 1-2 classes as well as our school library. The picture below is the title page for the book.

Peace is... title.jpg

What is peace? (Mrs. Copeland's Class)

-being quiet
-being friendly
-wearing different clothes
-having friends
-having fun
-giving a friend a new toy
-having babies
-making friends
-being a princess
-being a prince
-sharing toys with your friends
-planting a new tree
-helping others
-wearing different shoes
-donating food to other people
-being a friend
-playing with kittens
-looking different/having different faces
-having a baby puppy
-being at school
-visiting different countries

What is peace? (Ms. Johnson's Class)

-taking care of the earth
-cleaning up garbage at the beach
-quiet time
-saying sorry
-being funny
-knowing that everyone is different
-being nice
-enjoying our world
-growing plants
-making a friend
-being happy
-caring about other people
-asking to help
-caring about your family
-sharing with others
-donating (food, clothes, ...) to other people
-saying kind words
-filling peoples' buckets
-helping someone when they need it
-people wearing different clothes

What is peace? (Mrs. Waschuk's class)

-a poppy
-not cutting down a tree
-growing a new tree
-being nice to someone if they are new
-being friendly
-helping someone
-having life
-being kind
-growing new plants
-being safe at school
-being kind to others
-bringing joy
-speaking a different language
-being nice to others
-not fighting
-playing fair
-being a good loser
-going to the cabin
-seeing nature
-listening to the wind
-listening to the ocean
-learning new things
-looking out for others' safety
-not making fun of others
-using manners
-treating people the way you want to be treated
-welcoming new people
-going camping
-spending time with family
-making new friends
-reading books
-looking after your family
-taking a bubble bath

Extra photos from our collaborative book were used to make a matching game for use in our library.

(Picture coming soon!)