kindness.jpgKids Helping Kids (KHK) Club

The KHK Club is open to all students in grade 5. Our goal is to help kids in our community (near and far) in a variety of ways. We meet at least twice a month to work on assorted projects and activities. We have 3 projects that we work on throughout the year - collecting used eyeglasses for the Lions Club's recycled eyeglass program, collecting drink tabs from canned drinks to help raise funds for specialty wheelchairs, and making themed activity sheets for patients at the Children's Hospital. Other projects include volunteering at the Book Fair and the Used Book Sale, helping with "I Love to Read" activities, and making and selling crafts with proceeds donated to children's charities.


Celebrating Our Year of Helping to Make the World a Better Place!

The photo below was taken after KHK kids dug into their sundaes... our way of celebrating a year of working together to help make the world a better place. Well done, KHK kids!

icecream celebration.png

Funds Raised this Year!

We know that helping others doesn't have to involve money/raising funds (some of what we did this year wasn't tied to money) but it's exciting to work on projects to raise money and then pass it along to others! At a recent KHK Club meeting, the kids decided on the recipients for funds they raised this year. Here are the results:
$200.00 to Free the Children (2 school kits, 1 goat, 2 bundles of chicks, primary education for one child)
$38.82 each to: Willow Place, Ronald McDonald House - Manitoba, Siloam Mission, Cancer Society - Manitoba Division, Winnipeg Humane Society

Activity Sheets for the Children's Hospital

Coming Soon!

Used Book (+ More!) Sale

KHK kids host a Used Book ( More!) Sale each Spring at the 2nd term conferences. This year $93.40 was raised in total ($46.70 for each for student activities at our school and a charity of the KHK kids' choice). Thanks to our Wayoata community for supporting the sale through donations and/or purchases!

The Great Kindness Challenge

KHK took part in The Great Kindness Challenge, attempting to carry out kind deeds throughout the week of Jan. 25 - 29. Way to go, KHK kids! Now the challenge is to make kindness a part of everything you do!

kindness challenge 16.JPG

Valentines for Vets

KHK kids have been busy creating Valentine's Day cards for our veterans as part of the Valentines for Vets program. Click here for more info. Ours will be delivered to our local legion and will be handed out to veterans in our community.

Christmas Craft Sale - Dec. 16th

After many hours spent crafting, we hosted a sale at our school's Christmas concerts - the afternoon and evening of Dec. 16, 2015. Thanks to our customers we raised $264.95! KHK students will be voting to determine which charity they will support. Way to craft (and sell), KHK kids!
KHK Craft Sale collage 2015.png


KHK 2014-15 SIGN.jpg

We Day 2014.jpgWE Day - Winnipeg

Most of the Wayoata students that attended WE Day this year are members of the KHK Club. It was an inspiring day that will stay with us for years to come! Follow along this year as we do what we can to "make a difference"! Check out more about WE Day here.

Some of our thoughts from the day:
Don’t be afraid to dream big!
Every child has the right to express themselves!
Everyone is the same, you shouldn’t make fun of anyone!
We all have differences!
Don’t judge people by their colour!
You can change things if you just try!
Don’t hesitate to help someone!
No matter what you do you can be amazing!
We’re the change for this generation!
Find your talent. Make yourself unique!

Inside We Day 2014.jpg

Recycled Bookmarks

Students made bookmarks from scrap poster paper and discarded books/stickers (theme: fall/Halloween).

Christmas Craft Sale

Update: We raised enough money to purchase 5 goats! Way to go, KHK crafters! Thank you to everyone that supported our sale and to the River East Transcona Teachers' Association (RETTA) for providing $100 to cover the cost of supplies for the crafts.

KHK ChristmasPicMonkeyCollage.jpg

We're busy making crafts for the upcoming sale. All proceeds will be donated to charities of the KHK club members' choosing. We were inspired by our recent attendance at WE Day and will be donating some of the funds to at least one of the causes we learned about at that event.

The craft sale was held during our school's Christmas concerts on December 18th (afternoon and evening).

updated crafts.JPG

A few of the crafts made for the sale!


Valentines for Vets (Veterans)


Used Book (+ More)! Sale

$122.50 was raised at this year's sale. Many thanks to our donors and purchasers! The money will be split between student activities at Wayoata School and charities of the KHK choosing.
Update: at a recent meeting KHK kids voted to support two charities: Siloam Mission and the Children's Hospital. Cheques for $61.25 will be sent to each of these charities.
used book 15.JPG

Children's Hospital Activity Sheets

We're still on our draft copies but hope to be able to finish them and send them before the end of December. Themes we're working on include: Winter, Animals, Fish.
This is part of the last batch of activity sheets for the Children's Hospital this year. We finished up and sent 6 different versions at the end of June!



Making Recycled Bookmarks

making recycled bookmarks.JPG

We're using old pictures and words from used magazines and books to make bookmarks for students at our school.

Flag Day!

KHK shared National Flag Day of Canada (Feb. 15th) facts using the ChatterKid app. Facts were found by a group of grade 2 students at Wayoata. Click below to listen:

Craft Sale

We were hard at work making crafts to sell at the Christmas concerts during the last week of school before the break. Funds raised (just over $230) will go to charities that the students choose. A big thank you to the River East Transcona Teachers Association (RETTA) for providing us with funds to cover the cost of supplies for this project and for those students, staff and families that supported the sale. See below for photos showing some of our crafts.

Children's Hospital Activity Sheets

We are ready to mail our first batch of activity sheets to the Children's Hospital. Way to go, KHK members!

KHK act sheets 2013-14.JPG


Kindness Video

Book Sales

KHK students were excellent helpers at our 2 sales this year... the Scholastic Book Fair at the first report conference and the Used Book (+ More) Sale during the 2nd report conference times. Way to go!

Recycled Bookmarks

Recycled Bookmarks.JPG
We've been busy! To help celebrate Earth Day, we made bookmarks for students from discarded books. What book characters do you recognize? There are many more bookmarks to be made!

Craft Sale

A total of almost $130 was raised at the craft sale held at this year's Christmas concerts. We will decide as a group which children's charity this money will be donated to early in the January. Thank you to the Wayoata community for your support and to the River East Transcona Teachers' Association for the grant used to purchase supplies for the crafts. Way to go crafters!

Crafts that weren't sold will be on sale again at the Used Book (and More!) Sale that we will be hosting in March (e.g. pins, bookmarks).

Children's Hospital Activity Sheets

Click below to download a copy of our latest activity sheet which was sent to the Children's Hospital for patients to use.
Hot + Cold 1.JPGHot + Cold 2.JPG

OUR 2011-2012 PROJECTS!

Craft Sale

Funds raised from the craft sale at this year's Christmas concerts ($112.16) were donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Click here to see what they're about. the picture shows the card that KHK club members created to send the cheque.

Items created by KHK Club members included: peppermint bark, beaded necklaces, bookmarks and trinket boxes. Thank you to the Wayoata Community for supporting the sale!

Priceless Gifts Video

Our school is focusing on the importance of being positive towards others in our words and actions. To tie with this, KHK members created artwork showing things appreciated by others which cost nothing to give ('priceless gifts').

Themed Activity Sheets

Print off a copy of our latest activity sheets (created especially for the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg).

Print off a copy of our winter word search! (Created using Puzzlemaker from Discovery Education)

Hot off the press! Check out our "Books" activity sheets (front side was included in our school newsletter, double-sided copies will be given to the Children's Hospital in Winnipeg)! This is our first activity sheet for the Children's Hospital in 2011-12... we're behind compared to what we've sent in the past few years but we are planning to create and send more before the end of June! A team effort... way to go, KHK students!


Quotable Quotes!

We used the computer to create mini posters featuring well known inspirational quotes. The posters fit in a stand-up frame and are meant to be interchanged. Club members decided by a unanimous vote that a frame and set of mini posters should be donated to the Winnipeg Humane Society. Earlier this year Club members raised funds for the Society by selling peppermint bark and gift bags at the school's Christmas Concerts...Kids Helping Kids (and animals, too)! Way to go!

Our frames - one for our school and one for the Winnipeg Humane Society.
A frame with a set of our mini posters!
The card that accompanied the gift.

OUR 2009-2010 PROJECT

K-9 Vest

Way to Go KHK Kids (and the Wayoata Community)!

For the 2009-10 school year the KHK Club worked towards raising funds for a protective vest for Nash - a Winnipeg Police Service K-9 pup. We ran a number of fundraisers including a craft sale, a used book sale, and popsicle and lollipop sales. By mid June we had raised the $1600 needed for the vest! We presented the cheque to Constable Tighe and Nash on June 23, 2010.
CTV News - Winnipeg (scroll to June 23 and then 13:37 to watch our story!)
Nash - June 23, 2010

Nash - November 2009

Winnipeg Police Service K-9 Unit (learn all about the WPS' K-9 Unit)

Winnipeg Free Press Article - K-9 Unit (read about Cinder and Constable Tighe)

K9 Storm (read about K9 Storm - the Winnipeg company that makes protective vests for service dogs around the world)


Welcome in Many Languages
Puzzlemaker (make a variety of puzzles including mazes and word searches)