Light_Bulb.gifPlease Note: when creating art online or working through these activities, do not save any of your work online and do not create accounts or log-in!

Art_Palette.gifART BASICS:

Artist's Toolkit - Arts Connected (learn about elements and principles of design (line, colour, shape, balance, rhythm/movement); watch, find and create!

Strange Combinations - Harcourt School (experiment with colour choice and the feelings that colour evokes)

Google Art Project (explore museums from around the world without leaving your chair!)

Art Lab - Tate Kids (restore works of art)


Meet the Artist - Making Art Fun! (a selection of artist biographies listed by ‘era’)

Famous Artist Bios - My Kids Art (more artists’ bios!)

Keith Haring - Haring Kids (info about American artist Keith Haring (click on “Bio” once on the page)

Burton Morris (learn about pop art artist Burton Morris); check out students' artwork inspired by Burton Morris on the Kids Artists blog

Cezannes - Astonishing Apples (learn about French artist, Paul Cezanne on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website; their other interactives are worth a look, too!)

Queensland Art Gallery Online Games/Activities for Kids

Destination Modern Art (take an interactive tour through the Museum of Modern Art in New York City)

Curious Corner - The Kids Art Institute of Chicago (select from "story time", "match up" or "play with art" - Cornell Boxes, Mask Maker or Portraits)

Wayne Thiebaud - National Gallery of Art (once you've read about Wayne Thiebaud, create art like him - see "Cake Maker - National Gallery of Art" below)

Roy Lichenstein Info - Tate Gallery

Roy Lichenstein - Kids Scoop NGA Kids

Dot Shop - Tate Kids (make art like Roy Lichenstein)

Curious Boxes - Joseph Cornell - The Art Institute of Chicago (click the "play with art" box and select the goblet and butterfly; create a curious box just like artist Joseph Cornell)

Portrait Play - The Art Institute of Chicago (click the "play with art" box and select the woman's portrait; to play, click on a head to match the painting; take time to read about the painting/artist before moving on to the next portrait)

Andy Warhol Facts - artsmart4kids Blog (includes a link to a booklet with facts/activities about Warhol)

Andy Warhol's Marilyn Prints Interactive - Webexhibits

Kids Get Arty: Andy Warhol Art - Red Ted Art (use this for the poppy picture)

Art & Tech samples 2014.JPGCREATING ART - ONLINE:

Klowdz (create cloud designs; click on "Get Started" to begin)

Spin - Tate Kids ("you versus the spinning canvas")

Mobile - NGA Kids (create a mobile online; set it in motion)

Sheffield's Portraits (create a portrait online)

Mask Maker - The Art Institute of Chicago (click the "play with art" box and select the antelope; read about masks as art then select 5 animals and create your own mask)

This Is Sand (create sand art)

Virtual Lite-Brite

Ink Blobs - Zoopz (once on the Zoopz site, select Ink Blobs)

Faces and Places - National Gallery of Art Kids' Zone (create portraits or landscapes using parts of real works of art from the gallery)

BRUSHster - National Gallery of Art Kids' Zone (create art using an interactive painting machine)

Dutch Dollhouse - National Gallery of Art Kids' Zone (mix and match characters and objects to decorate this dollhouse from long ago)

Jungle - National Gallery of Art Kids' Zone (create an imaginary jungle complete with animals, plants and weather)

PaintBox - National Gallery of Art Kids' Zone (choose a picture or colour background then experiment with things like symmetry, brushstroke, and special effects)

3-d Twirler - National Gallery of Art Kids' Zone (design and add texture to 3-d shapes)

Diamonds - National Gallery of Art (activities to explore diamonds in art)

Build Your Wild Self (an online activity from New York Zoo’s and Aquarium – first design your human self and then change some of the parts to your favourite animal’s parts)

Build Wild Self.JPG

PaintGo - ABCya (create with brushes, spray paint, cans of paint and shapes)

Make a Face - ABCya (drag and drop to make goofy faces)

Mondrimat (make artwork like Piet Mondrian)

Scribbler - Zefrank (create 'web like' sketches; save when done)

Bomomo (create some interesting art with the bouncing balls on the screen - select the 'tool', grab the balls with the mouse and create!; save or print when done)

Cake Maker - National Gallery of Art (create/decorate cakes like artist Wayne Thiebaud)

Matisse's Pieces - Toy Theater (use pieces from Matisse's artwork to make your own collage)


Spell with Flickr (see above for a sample using the word/name "Wayoata"; type in a word or short phrase and then click "Spell" - each letter of your word will be created using a picture from Flickr [an online photosharing site]; click on individual letters to switch to other possible pictures)geoGreeting! (see a sample first, click on "Skip intro" to get started; type a greeting that is no more than 40 characters long

Sketchpad (a fun paint program)

Beautiful Curves (each 'brush' stroke leaves behind beautiful curves; experiment with colours and widths)

Optical Illusions

Color with Leo - Art Games

Spiral Shapes - Toy Theater

Quilt Pattern - Toy Theater

Think Draw (drag shapes onto the canvas to create pictures; select a theme and background first)

Tessellation - PBS Kids (this may take time to load)

Tesselate - Shodor (this may take time to load)

My Oats (create interesting patterns with a move of the mouse)

Special thanks to Mrs. Nykoluk for the last 2 sites.



Monet Paints a Day by Julie Danneberg

Purple, Green Yellow by Robert Munsch

Ish by Peter H. Reynolds

Art's Supplies by Chris Tougas

We Give Books: (ask Mrs. Gibson for our school's log-in info)

When Pigasso Met Mootisse by Nina Laden


What to Draw and How to Draw It


Kids Artists Blog (blog created by an art teacher featuring art ideas for K-6 students (kids’ samples and instructions)

Painted Paper in the Artroom Blog (a blog created by an art teacher featuring art ideas for K-5 students (kids’ samples and instructions)


Google Doodles (search to find all of the previous "google doodles" - the fun and sometimes surprising changes made to the Google logo in order to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists and scientists; click on "About Doodles" to learn how the idea for doodles originated... and much more!)

Check out the KidLinks - Art & Design page of this wiki by clicking here (for more online art ideas)! (a selection of art links for creating art online)