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Light_Bulb.gifThink We Know

Ms. Johnson's Class

Bats... (* = we still need more info)

-sleep in the morning (up to 18 hours) and are awake at night (they are nocturnal)

-go outside after they sleep

-there are different types of bats - more than 1000

-*have a disease called white nose disease and it can cause bats to die??

-live in caves (and trees, under bridges, in attics)

-like the darkness; don't like the sun

-can fly

-hang upside down

-hibernate - some do; some migrate (move to other places)

-hunt for prey (some do, some search for food like fruit)

-turn into vampires

-there is a vampire bat (a vampire bat is a type of bat; it's the only bat that drinks blood)

-burn if they go in the sun (they won't die or burn if they are in the sun)

-like cave monsters (some bats like to roost in caves)

Light_Bulb.gifThink We Know

Mrs. Waschuk's Class


-catch their food (some bats hunt)

-have wings

-sleep in caves (also, trees, under bridges, attics)

-have feet

-have claws

-hang upside down (except when flying)

-are black (also brown, grey, whitish, reddish or golden)

-sleep in a cocoon with wings wrapped around them

-eat bugs (fruit, nectar, frogs, fish, cactus, ...)

-pick up things with their feet (use feet to move food towards mouth)

-have a nose

-have fangs/teeth

-there are 11 more than 1000 types of bats

-have ears

-have eyes - night vision (might not be as good as owls' night vision)

Light_Bulb.gifThink We Know

Mrs. Copeland's Class

Bats... (* = we need more info)

-squeak - high pitched

-hang from trees (upside down); also caves, rafters in attics

-have wings

-are black (and brown and grey, whitish, reddish, golden)

-sleep when it's day; they go out at night (they are nocturnal)

-*can give you (people) a disease??


-don't bite people (vampire bats bite sleeping animals)

-have sharp teeth

-are fuzzy (fur)

-have a body shaped like an oval

-have great hearing

-eat moths (and other insects); some eat blood, fish, fruit, nectar

-can see in the dark

-have one baby born at a time (usually)

-have two babies born at a time (sometimes)

-there is one type of bat are more than 1000 types of bats

-*can walk (very awkwardly - vampire bats)??

-*can walk (just the pups/babies)??

Question.pngWonders (Questions)

Ms. Johnson's Class

How do they sleep?

-hanging upside down

Where do they sleep?

-in their roost (tree, cave, attic, ...)

Why do they sleep in a group?

*-for safety, sometimes for warmth, ??

Do they lay eggs in a nest?

-no they are mammals - they are born alive; bats don't have nests like birds

How many babies do they have at one time?

-usually just one pup (baby bat) is born at a time - sometimes 2

Where do they have their babies?

-some have them in a bat nursery (a roost only for mother and baby bats)

How do they eat?

-sometimes back in their roost; sometimes while flying

What do bats eat?

-fruit, nectar, small mammals, insects; sometimes other bats (it depends on the type of bat)

*Do they eat owls??

Do all bats like to eat blood?

-no, Vampire bats are the only bats that drink blood

Do bats drink water?

-yes - all mammals do

Do they have good eyesight?


What are their predators?

-it depends on the type of bat - some predators might be other bats, spiders, owls

Wonders (Questions)

Mrs. Waschuk's Class

Why do they fly?

-to catch or find food

How do they fly?


How do they sleep in caves?

-upside down with their feet grasping the cave wall (not all bats sleep in caves)

How do they hang upside down?

-by holding on with their claws

Do they sleep in a cocoon?

-no - they wrap themselves in their wings

What do babies look like when they are born?

-no fur but like an adult bat just smaller

*Can all bats walk walk??

-very awkwardly

How do they stay warm?

-wings wrap around their body

-some roost together

How do they eat?

-with their mouth; they can scoop food with wing and tail if flying and hunting

Where do they eat?

-when flying; in nature (not usually in their roost but sometimes)

How do they find food?

-they catch their prey using echolocation or they use their other senses (sight and sound and smell) - it depends on the bat

What do they eat?

-it depends on the type of bat (some eat fruit and pollen, others eat insects, some eat small mamals)

Do all bats suck blood?

-no only vampire bats and they drink blood (they lap it up)

Wonders (Questions)

Mrs. Copeland's Class

How do bats get into people's houses?

- open window, door

Where do bats live?

- all over the world except Antarctica and the far North

How do bats fly?

- wings

Why are their wings so long?

- flying, sleeping (keep them warm), hunting

*Do they fly in a group when hunting??

How good is their hearing?

- really good (echolocation)

Do they have little teeth and sharp teeth?

- yes

Why do vampire bats suck drink/lap blood?

- vampire bats only drink blood to live

Why do bats have fur?

- to keep warm

How do they hang upside down?

- claws grab onto trees, rocks, cave walls, ...

Do they hang upside down once a day?

- could be more; when resting and sleeping for sure through the night

Do they have claws?

- yes

Do they hatch from eggs?

- no, they are born live (they are mammals)

How many babies do they have at one time?

- 1 pup at a time, usually (sometimes 2)

Do they break bones when they bite?

-some might depending on the size of the bat and the prey that it is hunting

Here are a few types of bats some of the students have been researching and some interesting facts about them!

Vampire Bats: have the fewest teeth of all bats; they drink about 30mL of blood a night; their teeth are so sharp when they bite the animal (cow, chicken, ...) the animal doesn't even feel it

Banana Bats: have long snouts and a tongue that is about two-thirds the length of its body - good for feeding from long-tubed flowers

Tree Bats: roosts under the branches of trees during the day, not in caves; the female is usually larger than the male

Gilded Tube Nosed Bats: has a long tail; hunts insects by flying low over crops and grasses; it sometimes roosts in birds' nests

Ghost Bats: get their name from their pale colour

Barbastelle Bats: its scientific name, barbastella means 'star beard' - from the white hairs that grow from the bat's lip

Wrinkle-Faced Bats: don't have tails

Egyptian Fruit Bat: has big eyes and round, dark ears; they crowd one another in the roost and sometimes they fight

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats: have long tails and long, narrow wings; some roosts have more than 1 million bats; they fly very fast (the "jets" of all bats)

- bats can be helpful to farmers by eating insects that damage crops (e.g. grasshoppers) and by helping to pollinate plants

Bat Designs (using the design process)

A few of the bats designed by our grade 1 and 2 students.


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Question.pngBat Myths - True or False?

T or F: All bats are blind.

T or F: Bats are wicked.

T or F: Bats aren't important.

T or F: Bats are known to get caught in people's hair.

T or F: A bat in your house is bad luck.

T or F: All bats have rabies.

Did you know that these are all FALSE?!

Vocabulary - Word Search

Snip with the snipping tool and then use a highlighter to highlight the words as you find them!

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Bat Jokes for Kids

LOL.pngQ: Which circus performers can see in the dark?

A: Acro-bats!


Q: Why don't bats live alone?

A: They prefer to hang our with friends!


Q: Which animal is best at baseball?

A: A bat!

The following bat jokes are adapted from the book, "Batty Riddles" By Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg.

LOL.pngQ: Why did the little bat use mouthwash?

A: He had very bat breath!

LOL.pngQ: Why did the bat pup walk around in pajamas?

A: He couldn't find his bat robe!

LOL.pngQ: What did the bat actor do when he couldn't remember his lines?

A: He just winged it!