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Canada's Symbols

See below for a summary of information that we found while exploring Canada's symbols.

Canada's Symbols.JPG

Computer.pngCheck out these links to learn about Canada!

Kids Atlas Online - FactMonster

The Atlas of Canada - Natural Resources Canada (search the atlas of Canada)

The Provinces (and Territories) of Canada Song - kidslove2learn (a song to learn the provinces and territories of Canada; capital cities, too!)

The Monuments of Canada - Big Things (search for monuments of Canada by province/territory)

Symbols of Provinces & Territories - Canadian Heritage (search the symbols of provinces and territories)

Canada_Flag.pngOfficial Symbols of Canada - Canadian Heritage

Enchanted Learning (type in a search for provinces/territories)

Visual Census - Statistics Canada

Canada.pngCanada Provinces and Capitals Map Puzzle - Owl & Mouse (click and drag puzzles of Canada – province/territories, capital cities)

The Canadian Encyclopedia (click on "Places" and then "Provinces & Territories")

Take an Online Visit to Canada - Kathi Mitchell (Canada in photos – click on a province or territory on the map to see photos)

Canada.pngScholastic's - Canada Province & Territory Puzzle Drop

Canada.pngCanadian Symbol Card Match - 1 (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) (match picture to picture; every game is different...can you beat your score?)

Canada.pngCanadian Symbol Card Match - 2 (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) (match word to symbol; every game is different...can you beat your score?)

Canada.png Canadian Province + Territory Map Parts Match (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) (match province and territory outlines to their correct names; every game is different...can you beat your score?)

Canada.pngFlag Match Game (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) (match province and territory flags to their correct names; every game is different...can you beat your score?)

Canada_Hat.jpgFlag Match Game (Sheppard Software) (look at the flag and then click on the map to select the correct province or territory)

Canada.pngConfederation Time Line Game
(drag and drop the provinces and territories onto the Canada Confederation time line...when did each join the confederation?)

Manitoba - Facts, Flags and Symbols

Royal Canadian Mint - All About Coin Production

Bank of Canada - Bank Notes (learn about Canada's paper and polymer money - e.g. $100, $50, $20, $10 and $5 dollar notes)

Check out the IBL - Canada (Gr. 1) page for additional links and info about Canada.

Remember to visit Kids World Book from our school website (library part) to search for info about Canada.

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