February + March 2016
Students have been 'hired' by Wayoata Travel Agency (WTA) to find and record facts about a country of their choice. They'll be sharing facts with real travellers at Marlin Travel (a travel agency located in Kildonan Place in Winnipeg) in mid March. We can't wait to show our work!
countries being studied 2016.JPG
Countries Being Studied

Our Process
We started our inquiries by browsing books on a bunch of countries and recording things of interest as well as questions. Next, each student chose a country and completed a sheet telling what they already know about that country, things they want to know and the reason for choosing the country. Now it's all about gathering and recording facts (using features found in non-fiction books like the table of contents, the index, etc.).
fact record sheet.JPG
Sheet for Recording Facts

Country Fact Sheet - large 2016-2.JPG

travel business card.jpeg
"WTA" Business Card

Each student made their own business card and applied for a passport (which will be used at the end of our work when we 'travel' to one another's countries).

world map puzzle.JPG
One of the World Map Puzzles

read + write the world.JPG
"Read + Write... the World" Record Sheet

Our classes end with 'choice time'... hands on activities including: world map puzzles; browsing the books, maps and globe; country quiz cards; and flag sticker books and posters.

Marlin Travel Products (including country "Wordles" and thank-you notes)
Marlin binder etc 2016.jpg

Computer.pngHelpful Links
Countries - Fact Monster (each country profile provides info on geography, maps, flag, history, current ruler, area, population, capital, largest cities, languages, ethnicity/race, religion, literacy rate, economy and government)

Around the World - Time for Kids (this site celebrates people, landmarks and geography of places around the world through photos, maps, diagrams, charts, folktales, language and activities)

Countries of the World - National Geographic Kids (search for info about people and places around the world - videos, games, activities, information; zoom in or out to search for a country then click on the marker)

World Book Online (this takes you to “World Book" opening page; be sure to select "World Book Kids"; click on the “Places” box, then click on the “Countries” box on the left; make choices from there [click on a continent/area and the countries in that continent/area will be displayed; choose a country from the list])

Flags of the World - CIA World Fact Book (see all the flags of the world; click on a flag to learn the meaning of the flag's symbols and colours) [CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency in the U.S.A.]

Computer.pngOther Interesting Links

Map Puzzles - National Geographic (click on options to change the size of the puzzle pieces - small, medium or large)
Time and Date Anywhere in the World (wondering what time it is in Athens, Greece[or anywhere in the world?], type in the name of the city and find out!; find out about upcoming holidays around the world and other time and date stuff like sun and moon calculators, too)
Mapping Our World - Oxfam (an interactive website that help students understand the world through maps and globes; amongst other things, shows a globe being flattened into a flat map)
My Culture Quest (this is an online activity where you travel from one country to another gathering items for a carefully - you'll be quizzed!)
Games - CIA Kids (CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency in the U.S.A.; the kids' part of their website has a selection of games including: puzzles, concentration, challenges, etc.)

Info/Links from Previous Years

World Fact Book - CIA (click on a region or continent on the world map, find a country and click to learn about that country) [CIA, stands for Central Intelligence Agency in the U.S.A.]

Flag Outlines to Colour (select the continent and then the country; has province and territory flags of Canada)

Maps - National Geographic (select a country and then the things you want shown... bodies of water, etc.)

Holidays Around the World - Time and (select a country from the list to see major holidays and observances for that country; click on each to get details about what the holiday is and how it's celebrated!)

Travel Agency Products


Slogans from Students' 'Business Cards'

Our 'Combined Effort Video! (created by 6 grade 4 students in Room 6 using PowerPoint slides featuring facts from some of our work)