Light_Bulb.gifLight Poem

I'm Not Afraid of the Dark
by Kenn Nesbitt

Oh, I'm not afraid of the darkness.
I don't mind an absence of light.
I can't say I'm scared of the sunset
or things that go "bump" in the night.

I've never been frightened of monsters
or tentacles under my bed.
Not skeletons, witches or goblins
or creatures come back from the dead.

I'm not at all worried of werewolves,
or even a vampire's bite.
I'm simply not scared of the darkness,
except when you turn off the light.

Copyright © 1999 Kenn Nesbitt
All Rights Reserved

(poem included with permission)

Created by students in Room 4 (Nov. 2015).

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LOL.pngJokes about Light

Q: How did the light bulb feel when it got switched off?

A: De-lighted!

Q: What did the baby light bulb say to its parent?

A: I love you watts and watts!

Q: Why did the gardener plant a light bulb?

A: He thought he could grow a power plant!

Q: What kind of bow can't be tied?

A: A rainbow!

Q: What follows you through the day but disappears at night?

A: Your shadow!

Light_Bulb.gifWhat We Think We Know About Light (April 2016)

(we'll update these as we work through the unit and will correct any misconceptions)

-light contains energy; light is a form/type of energy (called electromagnetic energy)

-it's a source of electricity; it comes from electricity

-natural light gives energy

-it lights up the sky; we get light from the sun even when it's cloudy

-all plants and animals need light to live, including you and me

-light is made of air

-there are lights almost everywhere (for example: on the ceiling in the MPR, on a roof, on a computer screen, )

-you can buy light

-the sun is made of light

-the sun gives off light

-white light is made up of many different colours (the same colours of the rainbow)

-lights can travel by hand

-lights can help people see; it's used for brightness; it makes dark areas bright; without light, nothing would be visible/we wouldn't be able to see

-light can make power - enough to make thunder and lightning

-lightning is a type of light

-lightning never strikes the same place twice

-light is faster than a car

-light can start a fire (for example: the sun goes through glass and it can burn a hole in paper)

-when things burn they create light

-light can be scary

-light penetrates you in the dark

-the sun is like a big piece of fire; it is a huge ball of burning gas that gives off light

-lights are bright

-a red light means stop; a yellow light mean go slow; a green light means go

-lights go on automatically

-lenses that make things bigger are used in microscopes

-light is like a wave that moves through space

-in 1742 humans learned how to make light

-diamonds sparkle because the reflect the sun

-light bends when it goes through water

-when light shines through water it makes a rainbow

-light travels in straight lines called rays; many rays travel out from the light source

-light travels through transparent objects

-shadows can be seen on sunny days

-when light hits an opaque object a dark area forms behind the object (this is called a shadow)

-an aurora is an example of an atmospheric light

-it is interesting

Light_Bulb.gifWhat We Wonder About LIght

(we'll answer these as we work through the unit)

What is light made of?

Who made light?

When and where was light invented?

When/why do we need light?

Is light everywhere?

How is light formed? How is some light brighter than others?

What is the speed of light?/How fast does it travel?

Why is light called electromagnetic energy?

How big are the lenses used in microscopes?

Why is there light?/Why do we need it?

Are all lights bright? (Are they all the same brightness?)

Can some lights show secret letters in some books?

Why does light make some areas bright?

How do lights turn on?

How does a light bulb work?/How do people fit light into a light bulb?

Why do light bulbs go out? What happens to used bulbs?

Why is a rainbow only 7 colours instead of many colours?

Lasers use light. They have a variety of uses.

How many types of light are there?

Why do my arms look bendy underwater?

What happens when light rays are blocked? How are light rays blocked?

Can light shine through other things to make a rainbow?

What is an aurora?

How does light travel from space?

How do things burn?

How can light hurt your eyes?

How do solar panels work?

How is light involved with seeing your reflection?

Things That Give Off Light

Natural: sun, fire, stars, lightning, fireflies

Artificial: lightbulb, fireworks, tv screen, iPad screen

Lit from Another Source: the moon

Light_Bulb.gifWhat We Wonder About LIght

(these were answered as we worked through the unit)

What will light do for us in the future?/What will light be like in the future?

-there are many possibilities - medicine, technology, ...

What will light do when it passes through a magnifying glass?


Who invented light? When?

-light bulb - Thomas Edison in 1879

What makes light?/Where does light come from?

-there are 2 types of light: natural (occurs in nature) and artificial (made by a person or machine) - electricity

Does light travel?

-yes, in waves but in a straight line/path until it hits something - might reflect (if it hits something like a mirror) or refract (bend) if it travels through something like a liquid or a lens

What is light?

-it doesn't have weight and it doesn't take up space; it's a type of energy

How did light first come to Earth? How did cavemen react to light?

-prehistoric people may have been scared of things like the sun or fire especially if they didn't understand it

Does light make things work?

-yes, it makes plants grow (without light there would be no life on Earth); solar panels work from the light of sun (energy can be used for power for cars)

What would a solar beam do if it came through the city?


What's in a lightbulb to make it work?

-a lightbulb convert electric energy into light energy; incandescent lightbulbs have a filament inside them; when turned on, electricity flows through the filament, the filament heats up and produces light

How fast is light?

-the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second (671 million miles per hour)

Does light still work in water/does it travel through water?


Is nuclear energy a type of light or can it create light?

-it can give off light

Where does light come from?

-see above (there are natural and artificial sources of light)

Is a light bulb a natural light?

-no, it doesn't occur in nature, it is made by a person/machine

Is a shadow a light?

-no, it forms as a result of light being blocked

How can nocturnal creatures see in the dark when the sun isn't out?

-their eyes are 'made' for that; pupils open very wide

Why does light come from the sun?

-that's what the sun does for our solar system

Why is the sun so bright?

-it because of its make-up (it's a huge hot ball of glowing gases - 109 times the diameter of the Earth)

Why is the sun super hot when it goes through glass?


What light makes plants grow?


Can light make fire? (If light passes through a magnifying glass will it start a fire?)


What are the colours of light?

-variations of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (like a dark blue), Violet (purplish) [ROYGBIV]

How can light make northern lights?

-light doesn't really make northern lights, northern lights form as a result of collisions between gase particles in the Earth's atmosphere and charged particles from the sun's atmosphere; the colour variations are a result of different gases

People can 'light up' when someone/something makes them happy. That's a common saying meaning a person is smiling and looks happy.

Light_Bulb.gifThings That Give Off Light

Types of Light

Natural = light that occurs in nature; it isn't made by someone

Artificial = light that doesn't occur in nature; it is made by someone

ARTIFICIAL = lightbulb, flashlight, computer screen/monitor, headlight, traffic lights, torch (torch is made by a person, fire is natural), neon lights, lamp post, stage light, lava lamp, light switch, fireworks, glow sticks, electronics like iPods and iPads

NATURAL = sun, fire, northern lights, firefly, lightning, lava, magma

LIT FROM ANOTHER SOURCE = moon (is lit from the sun)


reflection experiment.jpg


Shadow Puppets - Wonderopolis

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The Design Process - Light

Jan. 2016
design process 2016.JPG

Students applied their knowledge of light while designing shadow puppet stages, puppets and cases. See below for a few pictures of their work in progress - Spring 2015. Great results, grade 3s + 4s!

shadow box PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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