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Human Body - Scholastic Study Jams

The Artificial Human - NOVA Online

***All Systems Go Interactive (drag and drop to complete the organ systems; when done, click to learn more)

DK Findout! (Use the search box)

Kids World Book Online (through our website)

***WebPath Express (through our library site)

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Canada's Food Guide (home page)

Canada's Food Guide Tour (click to take a tour of the Food Guide)

Canada's Food Guide - The Eat Well Plate (hover over each part of the plate for more info)

Portion Size - Handy Guide (Interactive Tool) - Eat Right Ontario

Portion Size (Poster) - Eat Right Ontario

My Food Guide (personalize Canada's Food Guide with food chosen by you!)

Eat Well + Be Active Every Day - Poster


Nutrition Labelling - Health Canada (PPt presentation)

Labelling Requirement Checklist - Gov't of Canada

Interactive Tools: Nutrition Labelling - Gov't of Canada


***Nutrients and Their Functions

Nutrients Your Body Needs - Interactive (NOVA)

You Are What You Eat - 2Learn (links to a variety of nutrition-related online interactive games)


Digestive System Movie - Kid's Health (approx. 5 mins.)

Journey Through the Digestive System - Poster (SNA NCCU)

Digest Quest Game (learn about the digestive system then play)

The Digestive System - The Children's University of Manchester

Teeth and Eating - The Children's University of Manchester


The Skeleton - The Children's University of Manchester


The Brain and Senses - The Children's University of Manchester

Exercise - The Children's University of Manchester (includes heart, muscles)

ATTENTION GRADE 5s: If you're looking for more websites, remember what I demonstrated on Monday through our school's library site... use WebPath Express from the screen you use to search for books - just type in the body system you need info on and search away! Good luck!


Scholastic Study Jams - Human Body (background info and links to each part)

Gr. 5 Science Curriculum- Specific Learning Outcomes (Manitoba Education + Training)

Gr. 5 Science - Maintaining a Healthy Body (outcomes)

Digestive System Video - Canadian Museum of Nature (3 mins. 16 secs.)

Digestive System Video - Tom Doolan (about 5 mins.) *Excellent*

NOVA - Human Body

Digest Quest Resources for Teachers

Canada's Food Guide Images