Light_Bulb.gifWHAT WE THINK WE KNOW ABOUT PLANTS (May 5, 2014)

Plants need: seeds, a garden or place to grow (mud), water/rain, sun, soil, air

Plants are found: in stores (grocery stores, greenhouses, flower shops), on the ground, in gardens, in forests, in parks, in our houses, in a flower pot, in classrooms

Plants are: green, lots of colours, little and big, they have roots and leaves, they are pretty, some have thorns, flowers have petals

Plants are used for: eating, decorating, smelling, planting, gardening, caring for, remembering,

Examples of plants: carrots, lettuce, apples, rose, pineapple, tulips, daisies, beans, sunflowers, Venus fly trap,

Question.pngWHAT WE WONDER ABOUT PLANTS (May 13, 2014)

Why do plants grow leaves?
Leaves make food for the plant.
How do plants grow?
They start from a seed (a carrot seed grows a carrot plant, a corn seed grows a corn plant). They take up water from their roots which are in the ground. Plants needwater, sun, soil, air and care.
How many leaves do plants have?
It depends on the kind of plant - some have lots leaves and some have only a few.
How many different kinds of plants are there on Earth?
How do flowers get their colour?
Flowers come in all colours.
Why do sunflowers have seeds inside their petals?
So they can grow new plants.
How do sunflowers grow so tall?
It might be reaching for the sun. Some plants grow tall and some are lower to the ground.
How many days does it take for a tree to grow?
How do trees get apples?
It has to be an apple tree. a bud would turn into a blossom and then the flower would change to an apple. There would be apple seeds inside for new apple trees.
Why do plants have roots?
The roots are used for drinking the water which a plant needs to grow.
Why do trees grow fruit?
The seeds are found in fruit. Plants need those seeds to make new plants.
How do trees get flowers on them?
It happens in the Spring when plants start growing again.
Can flowers be orange?
Yes. Flowers come in all different colours, shapes and sizes. It depends on the type of flower.
Why do trees get really big/tall?
Only some trees get really big. It depends on the type of tree.
How do flowers get petals?

Activities - Choice Time

Hands On.jpg.jpg

Here are a few of the plant activities students may choose from at times...seed match, stick puzzles, building with wood blocks, driftwood.

Investigation: How Plants Use Water

flower and water.JPG
flower and water predictions.JPG


Most of our predictions were correct! Plants take up water from their roots. It travels up the stem to all parts of the plant. It's okay to make a prediction and find out that it isn't correct...we still learn something (that happens to scientists all of the time!).

white flowers coloured water.JPG

Seed Mosaic Picture Frames!

Just a few of the end results...beautiful!

seed mosaics.JPG

Light_Bulb.gifDID YOU KNOW?...

A botanist is a scientist that studies plants.

A dendrologist is a scientist that studies trees.

An arborist is a person that works with trees.



What did the big flower say to the little flower?

What's up bud?

How do trees get on the internet?

They log in!

What kind of tree can fit in your hand?

A palm tree!

What kind of flower grows on your face?


Why shouldn't you tell a secret at the vegetable garden?

Because the corn has ears and the potatoes have eyes!

Source of these jokes: www.enchanted

Computer.pngLINKS FOR STUDENTS (Games, Activities, Info)


Herby Havoc - Sorting Game (sort the pictures into the correct tray; Level 1= of seeds, flowers and leaves; Level 2 = leaves fruits, stems)

Habitat Challenge (help Lily sort her plants...are they desert plants or rainforest plants?)

Growing Plants - BBC Kids

Sunflower Surprise (have a go at keeping sunflower plants alive while someone is on vacation...look out for the snails!)

All About Seeds (leaf through pictures of seeds; check out the picture showing a seed growing into a plant!)

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Sid the Science Kid - Vegetable Planting - PBS Kids

Watch it Grow! (pick a plant and watch it grow)

Growing a Bean (click to put the steps in order for growing a bean plant)

Flower Finder - PBS Kids (help the animal by clicking on the flowers that it needs; or, make a flower by selecting the petal shape and colour and the stem)

The Grain Chain (click to find out where bread comes from)

Plant Links - Online Activities Assembled by Shannon Long (these were last updated in March 2015)

pOEM.JPGAcrostic Poem Maker - ReadWriteThink (use this site to make the good copy of your "GARDEN" or "PLANT" acrostic poem; the poem on the left is an acrostic about poems)

apple1.JPGShape Poem - ReadWriteThink (use this site to make the good copy of a poem about the seeds, plants,...; make sure that the shape that you choose relates to the poem!)

I have who has title.JPG


Garden Bingo 2.PNG


Gr. 1 Science Curriculum - Characteristics & Needs of Living Things (related curriculum from Education Manitoba)

Wonderopolis (plant wonders and their answers)

Robin's Nesting - Video

Science Links - Living Things Plants & Animals (lots of links to activities and presentations; includes a PowerPoint presentation on parts of plants) Note: links on this site have not been checked