Bee Keeper at Work - Kids' CBC2: My Job is Awesome (a short video showing and telling about a bee keeper at work)

Making Honey - DK Findout (find out how bees make honey)

Differences Between Bees and Wasps - DK Findout

Where Do Bees Live? - DK Findout

Pollination - Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (lots of other info about bees on this page, too)

Pollinators Video (3:33 mins.)


May 9, 2016 - Check out our predictions prior to our research (including a visit from a bee keeper!)


-help plants grow

-pollinate (take something from one thing and spread it to another) flowers

-sting you when you bother them

-drink flowers

-eat flowers


-make a buzzing sound

-make honey

-share honey (with other bees)

-live in a hive

-communicate by dancing/talk to their friends

-die when they sting someone (honey bees)





-black eyes


-6 legs

-long tongues (for nectar)


-a bee hive

-a queen (she likes to check the holes)

-larva (and it can fly)


-dependent on nectar to live

-black and white

-black and yellow

-bugs (insects)



-different from wasps (but similar)

-afraid of bothered by bears or anything that disrupts their hive (bears take their honey)

-part of nature

-good for the Earth

-important to us (Honey Nut Cheerios)

Question.pngOUR WONDERS (QUESTIONS) (May 9/16)

Mrs. Copeland's Class

What is pollination?

What do bee hives look like?

Why do bees make honey?

Why are bees black and yellow?

What do bees eat?

How do bees drink?

What do baby bees look like? do they look like white worms?

How come there are wasps and bees?

How are wasps and bees the same?

What are bees scared of?

-they are bothered when they or their hives are disrupted

How long do bees live?

Parts of Plants We Eat

After reading the book, Tops and Bottoms, we sorted the samples according to the part of the plant: seed, flower, fruit, stem, leaf, root.
Students sketched and coloured on their page and then ate the plant parts!
The foods we used were: hemp seeds, broccoli, celery, spinach, strawberries, and carrots. Do you know which is which part of a plant each of these is?



What did the big flower say to the little flower?

What's up bud?

How do trees get on the internet?

They log in!

What kind of tree can fit in your hand?

A palm tree!

What kind of flower grows on your face?


Why shouldn't you tell a secret at the vegetable garden?

Because the corn has ears and the potatoes have eyes!

Source of these jokes: www.enchanted

Computer.pngLINKS FOR STUDENTS (Games, Activities, Info)


Herby Havoc - Sorting Game (sort the pictures into the correct tray; Level 1= of seeds, flowers and leaves; Level 2 = leaves fruits, stems)

Habitat Challenge (help Lily sort her plants...are they desert plants or rainforest plants?)

Growing Plants - BBC Kids

Sunflower Surprise (have a go at keeping sunflower plants alive while someone is on vacation...look out for the snails!)

All About Seeds (leaf through pictures of seeds; check out the picture showing a seed growing into a plant!)

Plants and Animals - BBC Kids

Sid the Science Kid - Vegetable Planting - PBS Kids

Watch it Grow! (pick a plant and watch it grow)

Growing a Bean (click to put the steps in order for growing a bean plant)

Flower Finder - PBS Kids (help the animal by clicking on the flowers that it needs; or, make a flower by selecting the petal shape and colour and the stem)

The Grain Chain (click to find out where bread comes from)

Plant Links - Online Activities Assembled by Shannon Long (these were last updated March 2015)

pOEM.JPGAcrostic Poem Maker - ReadWriteThink (use this site to make the good copy of your "GARDEN" or "PLANT" acrostic poem; the poem on the left is an acrostic about poems)

apple1.JPGShape Poem - ReadWriteThink (use this site to make the good copy of a poem about the seeds, plants,...; make sure that the shape that you choose relates to the poem!)

I have who has title.JPG

I have...Who has...Plants.pdf
I have...Who has...Plants.pdf
I have...Who has...Plants.pdf


The Plant Parts Song - Copy.pdf
The Plant Parts Song - Copy.pdf
The Plant Parts Song - Copy.pdf

Garden Bingo 2.PNG



Gr. 1 Science Curriculum - Characteristics & Needs of Living Things (related curriculum from Education Manitoba)

Wonderopolis (plant wonders and their answers)

Science Links - Living Things Plants & Animals (lots of links to activities and presentations; includes a PowerPoint presentation on parts of plants) Note: links on this site have not been checked

Link to the "IBL - Plants" page on this wiki from a couple of years ago by clicking here!