Toolbox.pngWe'll be using these websites while learning about simple machines.

Scholastic Study Jams - Force and Motion (scroll through the science topics and select "Force and Motion"; then click on "Simple Machines")

Simple Machines Game - Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Inventors & Inventions

Simple Machines Match

Franklin Institute - Amazing Machines (download the teacher's guide)

Neo K12 - Simple Machines (videos)

Created by Gr. 5 Students (Room 3) - Jan. 2014

Light_Bulb.gifWhat we think we know about simple machines:

Simple machines are like tools.

They can be small or big.

They can be made out of many things.

There are a lot of them.

They are found/used almost everywhere you go.

They are made by humans.

They are supposed to help you do something.

A staple is a simple machine.

An axe or nail is a wedge (which is a simple machine).

A knife is a simple machine.

It's not really a machine.

They can be easy (simple) to build.

Not all machines need wires.

Some need wheels and have axles.

Some are used when camping.

Light_Bulb.gifWhat we want to know about simple machines:

How many simple machines are there?

How are they made?

What happens if they don't work?

How do they work?

How many simple machines do we have in this school?

Is sound a simple machine?

Are simple machines used every day?

Can they hurt you?

What is the smallest simple machine?

Is a comb a simple machine?

Is a broom a simple machine?

Students were challenged to "Design a Better Pencil"...check out the results!

Pencil Collage.jpg


Students were also challenged to design a device incorporating at least 2 simple machines. For was harder than they thought! There was good thinking and problem solving. Even if the devices didn't quite meet the criteria, students knew what to try to solve the issues.




Students were challenged to "Design a Better Pencil"... check out the results!

IMGP2642 - Copy.JPG
Letters for this bulletin board heading were made by students in Grade 5 (Room 3) - Dec. 2012.