Soils & the Environment

Fall 2013

pencil.pngStudents were asked to think about soils. Their thinking and our learning through the unit may be found below. Facts (things found to be true) will be highlighted. Things we thought were true but are 'false' will be crossed out. This isn't a bad thing - it just means we were able to correct/add to prior learning. That happens to scientists all the time!

What We Think We Know:

The world is covered in soil.

Soil can be any colour.

Rocks can make soil.

Soil is mud and rocks.

Soil is dirty.

Soil comes out of the ground.

People plant seeds in soil which grow into plants.

Trees grow in soil (trees give us oxygen which helps us breathe).

Grass, flowers, fruits and vegetables grow in soil.

Roots are in soil.

Cow poop makes soil for flowers.

Crushed bones can make plants grow faster.

Worms live in soil.

Worms don't have arms or legs.

Worms eat leftovers/compost to make soil.

Worm poop helps the soil and makes it good for plants to grow.

Worms live and breathe in the soil.

Worms help the Earth.

Caterpillars don't live in soil.

Clay is something you can make pots with.

Loam is a type of stone or rock.

Sand is what you find at the beach.

Sand is found around the world.

Sand can be fun to play in.

Sand is on top of soil.

Dirt is all around the world.

If you dig deep enough you'll dig to China.

What We Wonder/Want to Know/Learned:

What is soil made from?

Where does soil come from?

What does organic matter mean? Is soil organic matter?

Is soil made out of cow poop?

Is soil part of human life or plant life?

Are rocks in soil?

Can soil make mud?

Can mud be used to make a statue?

Why do worms need soil? Is soil the only place worms live?

How do worms help trees?

What is humus?

What is loam?

What is sedimentation?

What is clay?

Where do you find clay? Is clay only under sand?

What layer is clay?

Is sand found around the world?

Is it possible to dig to China?

Resources for Students:


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Resources for Teachers:

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