Art_Palette.gifIn February 2013, Wayoata School hosted an evening art display featuring art created by students in their classes and the clay pots they created with resident artist, KC Adams as part of the Artist in the School program. See below for some of the items created and used for that evening. Unfortunately, I don't have access to photos of individual pieces of artwork created; they were amazing, though!


In addition to notes and announcements to promote the event, we used a large "countdown" sign posted in the front lobby. This shows what the signs would have looked like on the day of the event:


Collaborative Art

See below for a photo of the collaborative artwork created for the art display. These are the pieces prior to being framed. Once framed, it will become a permanent 'fixture' on one of the walls in our school... place to be determined! Until now the sticks were glued onto 2 pieces of foam core which were laid flat to prevent the sticks from falling off. To create this, each student in kindergarten through grade 5 was given a wood craft stick (wide popsicle stick) and asked to decorate it. Instructions were to avoid symbols, words, letters or numbers. Teachers provided the materials and then students got to work. It looked beautiful in it's original state... can't wait to see it framed and hung! Nicely done, Wayoata artists!
popsicle stick.JPG

This is the sign that accompanied the artwork at the event.
popsicle sign.jpg

This is the finished product, hanging in the library for all to enjoy. It looks way better in person!

Art Exhibit Details:

As families arrived, there was a table set up to collect donations of food for Winnipeg Harvest (the optional 'admission' to the event) and then asked to take an Art Exhibit Passport and map of the school. The passport listed each of the galleries (homerooms) on one side while the other side featured suggested ways to talk about the art being viewed. Each homeroom class had various pieces and types of art on display (labelled and explained). Families could start at whichever gallery they wished and spend as much time as they wanted in each. Homeroom teachers were available in the galleries to greet visitors and answer any questions. Once a gallery was visited, the passport was stamped. Completed passports were dropped in a basket at the entrance to the Van Gogh Café and was used as the 'ticket' for prizes. Random draws were made for the prizes which featured art supplies generously donated by Wayoata staff!

Van Gogh Café:

Families were invited to the Van Gogh Café (the gym) after visiting the galleries. We served hot chocolate, bannock with strawberry jam and had table set up for eating and visiting. We had 3 computers set-up for visitors to try their hands at creating art online. We also had a slide show of the Artist in the School program looping continuously. Artist, KC Adams was there with some of her artwork as well as books, magazines and pictures of some of her other pieces.

Scattered on the tables were art jokes, illustrated by Kids Helping Kids (KHK) students, as well as drawing pages for visitors to work on, if they wished.
Some of the artwork on display in the Café (created by KHK students using sticky tabs from the stationery section of Dollarama):
Van Gogh quotes were posted in the gym (illustrated by KHK students):