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Flat Stanley Project! (Jan./Feb. 2014)

We're using Flat Stanley to help in our study of Canada. Follow our learning...check this page to see what we discover!

Flat Stanley group 2014.JPG
Many of the flat students ready for travel!

We Got Mail!

Our first flat student back from her trip...all the way from Moncton, New Brunswick!

Another one returned...this one from Quebec!

...and another! This guy travelled all the way to Vancouver, B.C. and back!

This flat student travelled all the way to Washington State (U.S.A.) and back!

This flat person travelled across the border into the U.S.A. and came back with a a bunch of things to show and tell about where she'd been (including a picture travel diary, two books and a doll)!

Canada Word Clouds

Students selected 5 'Canada' words from the list we created (after viewing a video and browsing books about Canada) and then made a Tagxedo (word cloud) using those words.

National Flag of Canada

National Flag of Canada Day was February 15th. A group of students from the class helped gather facts about Canada's flag and turn these facts into a bulletin board display (photo coming soon!). A group of students in grade 5 in the Kids Helping Kids Club recorded these facts using the ChatterKid app. Click the start button below to listen:

Canada's Symbols

See below for some of the information that we found while researching Canada's symbols.
Canada's Symbols.JPG

Flat Stanley Project! (Jan./Feb. 2013)

We've read the book about Flat Stanley and have created our own flat people! They've been mailed to our family and friends across Canada. We can't wait until they get mailed back so that we can learn all about the places they've visited. Take a peek at some of our flat people before they were mailed!

pencil.pngFollow along with us! We'll be using this space to post facts about our flat people's travels as well as facts about Canada that we've learned through our research in class.

Our flat people are returning slowly but surely! What amazing information they have brought back. See below for photos of some of the travels. A big "Thank You" to the families that have hosted these visitors!



Flag Day Facts.JPG
Here's some of the other things we've been up to... we learned about the RCMP, the maple leaf and the beaver as symbols of our country, Canada. To help celebrate National Flag of Canada Day, we gathered facts for a fact sheet to share with home rooms on the 15th of February - National flag of Canada Day. Materials were ordered from Canadian Heritage (Canada hand flags, Canada flag sticks and pins and posters) which will be counted and given to each class along with our fact sheet. Click below for a copy!

Check out Canadian Heritage's National Flag of Canada Day's information of the web:

Happy National Flag of Canada Day!

A fun way to learn the names and locations of Canada's provinces and territories!

pencil.pngYou will be creating your own "Important Book" about the province or territory that you researched. It will be modeled after The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown.

Flat Stanley Project! (Jan./Feb. 2012)

pencil.pngJan. 10 and 11
- we read about Flat Stanley's adventures, discussed our project and started making our own flat people
Jan. 12
- we finished making our flat people and started thinking about who we might send them to (relatives/family friends in Canada)
- we each prepared an envelope by putting the return address sticker (Wayoata School) and a stamp on it
- we put a letter with information about our project inside the envelope so that the person receiving a flat person would understand what to do
- we folded our flat person so it would fit in the envelope and then we took it home
- Mrs. G. took pictures of our flat people
Jan 16 and 18
- our pictures were put into a video and we worked on the wording for it (see below!)
- some flat people have already started their adventure... they have been sent to: Ste. Rose, Manitoba; Morden, Manitoba; Melville, Saskatchewan; Calgary, Alberta; Jasper, Alberta; Vancouver, British Columbia; Toronto, Ontario; Thunder Bay, Ontario; New Brunswick
- we can't wait for them to get mailed back!

Canada Map Showing Some of the Places Our Flat People Travelled To!

Jan. 20
- we learned about our national anthem, O Canada; we watched a video (pictures to music); we unscrambled the words to the anthem in table groups
- we drew pictures in our very own O Canada book; one student said, "it felt good to draw some of my pictures in my book"
- here are some of the things that should be followed when O Canada is playing: stand tall (and proud), if you're wearing a hat, take it off; put your hands at your sides; push your chair in (if you're at school); sing along and keep hands and feet to ourselves
- here are some of the places that we have heard O Canada played: at funerals, a hockey games, at football games, every day at the start of school, at special celebrations like, Canada Day!
Jan. 24 & 26
Canada_Flag.pngRCMP.png-we started our Symbols of Canada booklets - so far we've learned about Canada's flag and the maple leaf, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Jan. 30 - Feb. 9
-our research is well underway on our own province, Manitoba; we'll start researching a province or territory of our choice next week!
-our flat people are starting to arrive back from their adventures... see below for some samples!






Our Flat Stanley Project 2010 & 2011 (Canada)

The Letter to Our Hosts, a Flat Stanley and the Map of Canada Used to Track Our Travels


In the spring of 2010, after reading and learning about Flat Stanley, each of our grade 2 students sent a Flat 'Stanley' to a family friend or relative. Since we were learning about Canada in social studies, we asked that the flat person be mailed to someone in Canada (other than Winnipeg, Manitoba). The 'host' families were asked to mail the flat person back to us and include whatever information they could about the city or town visited.

We were amazed with what our Flat 'Stanleys' returned with (maps and pins, posters and photos, diaries and letters...)! Our Stanleys visited monuments and attractions and some even returned with photos as proof of their visit!

We owe a huge "thank you" to our students' families and friends for supporting this project!


Yesterday (January 14, 2011) each grade 2 student placed their flat person into an envelope, added a stamp and return address label and brought the envelope home. Each family will decide who and where to send the flat person and then they will be mailed throughout Canada. We look forward to their return and can't wait to read all about the visits!

March 2011 Update: Our Flat Stanleys are still coming in! They visited lots of cities in Canada from as far east as Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and as far west as Victoria, British Columbia. One of our Stanleys was even treated to a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada where she was photographed with Lady Gaga (at the wax museum, of course!). A huge thank you to all of our host families for treating our Stanleys so well and for the time and effort they put into making this an amazing learning experience for the grade 2 students. The time and effort you spent taking photos, making albums and journals and even sending souvenirs for the class is very much appreciated. Thank you!