My Story Vine for "How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck"

Pourquoi Tale

"Pourquoi" is French for "why". A pourquoi tale is an old legend that is told in order to explain why certain events happened or why something is the way it is. These tales usually start in the past (e.g. Long ago...) and end when the explanation has finished. They usually have to do with the natural world (especially animals - e.g. How the Skunk Got Its Stripe) and should leave the reader/listener wondering... "Could that really be the reason why...?".

Story Vines

A story vine is something created in order to re-tell a story (out loud) without it being read. Objects are attached to a vine of some sort and act as prompts for the storyteller. The storyteller holds onto the vine as he/she tells the story. An added bonus is that the prompts also help the listener understand and follow the story. Story vines may be used with any type of story but seem to work well with pourquoi tales.

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Helpful Books ~ Pourquoi Tales

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples' Ears - By Verna Aardema
How the Birch Tree Got Its Stripes: A Cree Story for Children - Translated and edited by Freda Ahenakew
How the Mouse Got Its Brown Teeth: A Cree Story for Children - Translated and edited by Freda Ahenakew

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Helplful Books ~ Story Vines

Story Vines and Readers Theatre - By Marlene McKay