In addition to selecting and reading books, researching, etc., we have a number of activities that students may work on while in the library. See below for a few of these centres/activities.

Stick Puzzles:

stick puzzles.JPG

Fortune Sticks:


Fortune Sticks.jpeg

Jokes - Shared Journal:

shared rdgb.JPG

Top 5 List - Shared Journal:

shared rdgb.JPG

Recommended Reading - Shared Journal:

shared rdgb.JPG

Shaker/Discovery Bottles:

shaker bottle.JPG

Boggle Game:
boggle in action.JPG

This was adapted from Mrs. Rojas' Blog - click here to get to the post on her blog that includes the printable board and record sheet.

What's It?:

what's it.JPG

Say What?:

say what.JPG

Estimate It:


Wise Words:


Click here to visit the Project - Wise Words page in this wiki.

Math Sticks:

Math sticks.JPG

We have 2 with answers to 20 and one with answers to 100. These were inspired by this post (found through Pinterest).