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I recently retired as the teacher-librarian at a kindergarten to grade 5 school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This wiki is a collection of documents, photos + links for some of our library + inquiry based learning (IBL) work. Pages are listed alphabetically on the left side, beginning with this page, "Home". Feel free to click + explore! Links will continue to be updated but not as often.

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CAN You Imagine? Contest! (9th Annual!) - April 2016

When you enter our

Celebrated... Love2Read Month!

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Created by students in Rooms 2 + 6 while practicing "Word" skills - September 2015.

Wayoata Cares!

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Kids Helping Kids Club students made bookmarks from discarded books. These (+ many more) were available at the library counter! Which characters do you recognize?

Recycling & Reusing (2015 - 2016)

NOTE: Collection details may have changed.

Thank you to Wayoata families that have contributed to the collections!

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Free Rice (no need to sign up - just click on a topic from the main categories: Humanities, Math, Language Learning, English, Chemistry, Geography); a question will appear on screen - for each correct answer, 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to help combat hunger; watch the bowl fill with rice with each correct answer you give; change topics or levels with a quick click!)